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Life tips for Beautiful skin.

You are born with healthy skin but by the time you are twenty, you have been exposed to UV light, sun, weather conditions, cigarettes, fast food, dirty air, central heating, dehydration, alcohol, medications, fumes etc.

All of which will impact on our skin. So how do we combat the damage and slow down the effects of living on our skin.

We can treat our skin with antioxidants. Feed our skin barrier and restore the natural occurring acids, eg hyaluronic , linoleic, linolenic through clean moisturising. What we put on our skin will be absorbed by our skin and enter our inside, so remember to reach for the purest as possible topically.

But other factors dictate our skin health.

Sleep, Diet, Topical treatments, Environment.

Sleep and Rest

Sleep, 8-9 hours every night will give our skin time to rejuvenate, it heals while we sleep, restores health and mood. Love my beauty sleep.


We can clean up our diet, adding brightly coloured vegetables providing vitamins, carotene, antioxidants. Tomatoes every day.

Use small amounts of healthy oils daily in our diet (Mediteranean) to work on our cells from inside..avocado, olive, rapeseed, sunflower. All cold processed and organic if possible.


Acquire your share of healthy minerals from supplements and diet. Iron, Zinc, Bs and Biotin to strengthen our collagen and skin proteins.

Obtain our essential fatty acids 3,6,9 from cold pressed oils as ingredients in skincare topically, and by consuming fish oils. They have a dual benefit of helping out joints and bones. Sea Buckthorne Oil is very rich in Omegas and in Every Day and Night Time


Hydrate our bodies daily with water, needed by our skin to stay plump and not feel tingly, boosts brain power too.

Add skincare which seals in moisture..the Humectant vegetable glycerin, Aloe Vera, and replenishes the depleting protein Hyaluronic acid, holding up to 600 times it’s weight in moisture. You can read about it in Hydration Boost

Skincare Routine

Cleanse you skin daily with a kind cleanser that does not strip your skin of natural oils.

Exfoliate gently twice a month to remove the dead skin cells which might block your pores and cause inflammation. My little Face Buff.

Moisturize with a water based (aqua) and organic cold pressed oils moisturizer. Use Balms and face oils for a more intense healing on dry skin. Nocturnal Boost and Calm Face oil

Wear SPF 30+ daily when outside.


It is good to get fresh air into our lungs daily. Oxygen in and out, helps detox our body, brings a flush to our complexion, and pumps our muscles. Walks are great for relaxation, running will help de stress. But try doing outside exercise when the air is clean, not during rush hours when traffic congestion pumps out exhaust fumes.

Dry Days

Like me you may be on medications with affect your skin. I have to double moisturise on the bad days. Skin problems like Psoriasis and Excema are autoimmune and require medical creams, steroids and biologics to calm. Keep applying these is my advice. I know sea water is great natural aid for cooling Psoriasis at times. Find what works for you naturally, oils, Shea butter and balms like Calendula can help but don’t cure.

Little Habits

Lastly, I don’t like saying, kick the bad habits if possible, ciggies and booze. Both big aging skin disasters. I still like my glass of Cava but try to be moderate. I never smoked due to Asthma so can’t comment.

At different times in your life you can adopt some of these. Life is to be fun, indulge and like what you like. Be light hearted, I’m not preaching, but have learnt through experience that it is never too late to practice as soon as your mindset is ready. It applies to lots of things and is a personal choice. Just giving you a flags up to how to care for the largest organ you have, and benefit a few others in the process. Aging Gracefully.

Aine Marie