What is the shelf life of your products? How should I store them? I recommend using your skincare within 6 months of opening for greatest efficacy. Our products are made in small batches for freshness, with a shelf life of around 1.5 years.

How best would I house keep them?? Light and heat can damage natural products, store your products in a cool, dry, dark environment. Refrigerated is ideal but not necessary, it makes for a cooling sensation on skin. Balms and Butters would best be kept in conditions under 20c, and in warmer temperatures please keep refrigerated. In the event of your balm going soft, stir with a clean utensil and refrigerate until semi solid, stirring 1 hour in. This will restore it to its proper consistency without any loss of effectiveness.

Are your products non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types? None of our products are highly comedogenic, ie block pores. We believe formulation is key over single ingredients comedogenic rating. I pay great attention to Comdedogenic values of the oils used in formulation. The skincare aims to be gentle enough for sensitive and problematic skin types. I recommend allowing up to 2 weeks to allow your skin to adapt to changes and feel the effects.

Are your products organic, and why? I formulate all my products with certified organic botanicals wherever possible and available, selecting them for their purity in nutrients, benefit to skin, and positive impact on the environment. The total percent of organic ingredients can be found on every product label. In some cases we may use ingredients that are not certified organic, as they are from smaller farmers with exceptional production principals, but no certification due to high cost.

Are your products unisex? Absolutely. Our range is for all skin regardless of gender. Are your products vegan and cruelty-free? Definitely! Our range will always be vegan and cruelty-free. I ensure that any product I use is derived from plants.

What’s the difference between Face Oil, Moisturiser & Treatment Butter/Balm? The moisturiser is water based, with plant derived emulsifiers and natural oils. it is lighter, provides hydration and seals with the oils. The balm/butter is more moisturising, it is waterless so has a heavier more intense penetration, with organic shea butter being a main ingredient. The face oil has a lighter texture, with a higher concentration of botanic active ingredients for a more targeted application. They can all be used in your skincare regime, we recommend using one in the morning, and one in the evening depending on your preference, and skin needs.