Meet the Artisan

I create moisturizers for you who want products full of skin benefits with natural botanical plant origins.

In a confusing world, especially around skincare,  keep it simple, fresh, effective and part of wellness and self care.  So many things can influence the health of skin and how we feel, hormones, medicines, diet, environment, pollution, to sleeping habits, and much more.  Some we can control, others we cant, skincare we can…….

Harnessing the power of plants into skincare, making it as close to plant’s rawness and essence as possible.

My big motivation is to …………

Make happy skin.

Make gentle effective potions which are made local

Use plant resources which support other female communities.

Bring to you a host of benefits and properties from plant extracts.

Make plant based and free form skincare as much as possible.

Caring, empathy, compassion and nurturing is in my genes.

After 23 years of teaching and rearing a boy and girl,  skin and eye sensitivity steered me towards naturalness in skincare.  I thought of kindness, purity and caring.   You can read more from my Journal “Making Natural Skincare”


My Joy

Out of my curiosity, passion, love of being your best and simplicity, Berry and Blossom Skincare was born.

From a need for a moisturiser to treat dry, irritated, sensitive skin, which leaves your skin soft, smooth, pliable and nourished, without the ingredients which causes sensitivity from commercial brands.

With the help and guidance of Cosmetic Scientists in INVEST NI and London, I now make a  phyto range of Beauty Basics skincare products for sensitive skin.  Providing skin with balance, strength and natural conditioning.  Each product is hand formulated, professionally, in small quantities for quality, freshness and sustainability.      I love the idea of slow beauty,  all about having time within each day, week, month, season and year to practice the kind of meaningful self care that make us glow.  Deep sleep, kind excercise, moments of naps, decluttering the head space, to name a few.   When practiced over time, these small rituals lead to feeling healthier and more joyful.  Allowing you space to see yourself in your true beauty and timeless aging.  It’s a way of life and not a quick fix, and meant to be sustainable offering nourishment, sustenance and regeneration for you. 

If your skin feels good, you feel good.

The Creamery is located in Saul (Irish for Barn, the place where St. Patrick had his first meeting) on the slopes of Saul Mountain near Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland. We are surrounded by drumlin hills dotted with sacred spring wells, ancient sites, ruins and tiny stone churches. Strangford Lough straddles the coast.