Making natural skincare to calm face sensitivity skin symptoms. My story- Berry and Blossom FACE

Beauty Panic

My story started the day I walked into a chemist shop or high street store. I was so mesmerised by all the isles offering skincare products. From nail polish to high end exotic moisturising, anti aging super pots. This made me feel shy and intimidated because of my ignorance of the beauty scene. However this was I, who’s boyfriend’s mother said, “Ann Marie would you not wear some makeup?”

Interest in Beauty

I was 23 years old then and wore only blusher, eye shadow and mascara. My interest grew after buying the Vogue Beauty book and reading beauty magazines because I wanted to learn about beauty. I studied their pages and as a result fell in love with a pale look. Purchased my first bottle of makeup, Revlon, shade Ivory. I can’t remember if I moisturised then.

This was me into my 30s. Skincare was not a big topic or problem then. But at 30 needed to pay more attention to my dehydrating skin.
Really understanding the trepidation of choosing a skincare range that serves you well was a obstacle at the cosmetic counters.

With all the hype , choices, media I made mistakes, as you do. Trying to understand the meaning of a skincare routine, cosmetic ingredients, anti aging concepts, promises of eternal youth, I tried moisturizers from the lowest to the highest priced. However they could not satisfy the richness I needed without the irritants which left my sensitive skin feeling dry and my eyes bloated.

The seed was planted

At the age of 34 I woke up one morning and could not stand and walked in pain. All joints in my feet were inflamed. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
At that time I worked in a large open Computer lab, where the air conditioning and static played havoc with my skin. This plus the long term RA immuno-suppressant medications made my face very sensitive. I could no longer wear my usual off the shelf skincare or any skincare. Any attempts to find a compatible range with my skin sensitivity and in my affordability range was expensive on my energy, skin and emotions.

After a further 13 years of work and illness I was prescribed biological immuno-suppressants to reduce the increasing joint desecration. After every weekly dose my skin tingled and felt tight for two days. I developed a skin sensitivity to my biologics.

Inspiration and Motivation

One evening when the children were doing their homework, it just came to me. Is it possible to make my own?

I studied ingredients on the back of jars. Bought a comprehensive Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary. Made myself familiar with oils, butters, surfactants, waxes, and preservatives. Deciphering and noting ingredients I would like in my skincare. My knowledge grew .

Planting the knowledge

I got curious about natural ingredients in skincare. Got excited about Phyto (from plants) and how they fortified the skin barrier. Phytonutrients and Phytoceramides required by the skin barrier are naturally available from vegetable, nut, fruit, seed and flower. Giving our cells antioxidants (polyphenols) precious minerals, vitamins, and acids inside and out. Cold pressed extracted oils from the raw plant bestow a wealth of phyto nutrition for face skin health and wellness.

I discovered a flair for mixing plant oils and gradually developed my phyto rich beauty skincare range. Incorporating beneficial plant oils and emollient plant butters. Wanting natural, pure, no fillers, feel of luxury on my skin. Still discovering new plant oils with abundance of beauty compounds for your face.


There are many allergens which cause sensitivity in a skincare product. Perfum, colouring, essential oil allergens, synthetic ingredients, fillers and harsh preservatives. We are free of these in Berry and Blossom Face.

My medication sensitivity continues but on those days I apply heavier applications of Calm face oil and richer Night Time moisturizer during the day. Cleansing Balm is used to cleanse gently, and as a result it does not strip my skin of it’s valuable barrier lipids/oil/ceramides. Plant based skincare keeps my face feeling soothed and comfortable with extra softness.

Regardless I keep on my biologic meds because they have been invaluable in calming the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Berry and Blossom Skincare

Today I am sharing my skincare with you, fussy about my ingredients and where they come from. I formulate in accordance with my Certifcation guidance. knowing that it is safe in composition, at their best in service to you, and remain good quality in their purpose. It is all about protecting, nourishing and calming the skin barrier as we age. Keeping it balanced, hydrated and prevent premature aging.

Ann Marie