Nocturnal Boost Serum


A serum to use on your irritated, dry patches where moisturisers do not reach. For intense nourishment, balancing and healing during the night while you sleep.

Dehydration through weather conditions, indoor air- conditioning, hormones levels, lack of drinking or sun exposure can play havoc with the dermis, and so a little extra treatment is needed to combat their effects. Easily spreadable and absorbent on a clean, natural skin, the ingredients have been chosen for their abilities to target, renew, and promote healthy soft, pliable skin.

For instance, sometimes referred to as Vitamin F, Linoleic Acid is one of the most effective ingredients in skincare, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier while providing excellent moisturizing and healing properties, found in high doses in Rosehip seed, Watermelon seed and Evening Primrose oils. A natural oil balancing ingredient. Squalane from olives brings relief to dry skin and calms over production of oil in oily skin. A tonic for night time skin recovery.

Simply …Wipe face lightly with a warm moist towel. Gently dab serum onto cleansed skin and blend in until fully absorbed. Gently tap skin with the finger tips to encourage oil to penetrate to the deepest layers.

BOTANICAL ACTIVES Organic ingredients are Soil Association Certified

  • Organic Apricot Kernal Oil– rejuvenation without clogging pores
  • Olive Squalane -matches the skin’s natural sebum
  • Evening Primrose oil -encourages healthy skin cell renewal –
  • Organic Wild Rosehip Seed Oil -soothes, heals, antiaging, antioxidant
  • Organic Sea Buckthorn oil -Anti aging, replenishing
  • Vegan

For all and mature skins.  100% Natural, 53% Organic Plant oils

10mls £10.00

    • Organic Apricot Kernal Oil (Prunis Armeniaca)
    • Watermelon Seed oil (Citrullus Vulgaris)
    • Olive Squalane (Squalane),
    • Evening Primrose oil, (Oenothera Biennis)
    • Pomegranate Oil (Prunica Granatum)
    • Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippohae Rhamnoides)
    • Vitamin E (Tocopheral)
    • Geranium Flower oil (Pelargonium graveolens)
    • Natural ocurring allergens Geraniol
  • Use a pea size amount on your finger tips and spread lightly over your clean, fresh face , every bedtime.
    This product has been carefully formulated for use on all skin types. You can do a skin patch test to ensure it works for you. If irritation occurs, discontinue. It contains nut oils so please consult your doctor before hand if you have an nut allergy.
    Use as directed. Store in a cool place. Avoid eye area, if this occurs and there is a reaction, please rinse thoroughly with warm water, and dry gently.