Using botanicals your face will love.

Plant based products are made entirely from ingredients that are derived from plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, seeds, nuts, and herbs. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, which work together to replenish moisture levels and promote a healthy skin barrier and a happy complexion.
Here are some of the benefits of using plant-based skincare formulas.
Antioxidant-rich: Plant-based skincare work to restore and strengthen your body’s cells by combating free radicals (oxidants).

  • Vitamins: The vitamins featured in plant-based skincare are vital to maintaining the health of your skin. They also support cell repair and can help decrease signs of aging.

  • Essential fats and acids: These offer a number of skin benefits such as helping to calm acne, fight dryness, combat oiliness, smooth scars, and increase skin elasticity and plumpness.

  • Natural polymers: Hydrocolloids are naturally occurring polymers that give plant-based skincare products a natural texture without the need for harmful petrochemicals or other synthesized polymers.

  • Lipids and esters: Naturally occurring lipids and esters help support the skin’s natural defence barrier to smooth, protect, and repair of the skin barrier.
  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Soy
  • Diary
  • Palm oil
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Animal derived ingredients
  • Genetically modified ingredients
  • Petrolatum
  • Mineral oil
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Synthetic colouring
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene , Slicones
  • ET AL, T.E.A, D.E.A, MIT, CMIT.

  • Calm Face Oil,

    Waterless, Free Form

    20mls £18

    Calm has been formulated to reduce dryness which causes fine lines, cool redness, and balance the lipids on the skin. It is rich in Vitamin F, an essential fatty acid. A lighter absorbent oil with beneficial Cucumber and Borage oils.

    Calm Face Oil No.6

    Waterless & Free From Face Baume

    30mls £19

    FACE Baume No.5

    A feather light intense moisturiser.

    ‘The Face Baume is amazing and really a tiny amount goes a long way. It’s left my skin feeling so soft without being greasy or oily. I love love love it. ‘’ , Karen P, July 23

    “My skin is dry and many face creams irritate it. The Face Baume is literally the best thing I have ever used. So gentle and nourishing.” Judith T. Oct 23

    Phyto Nutrient, Waterless, Free form The Dose

    20 mls £20

    The Dose No.9

    A fusion of carefully curated oils in certified doses. To provide gentle nourishment and support your skin barrier. The full Dose for healthy skin in a slow, gentle and kind way.

    ‘’The Dose is also amazing. I love how gentle it is and how bloody amazing my skin feels and looks. I honestly couldn’t put anything over it to go out as I felt fab and didn’t want to ruin that. I can’t recall the last time I did that.”, Karen Pauley, July 23

    Photo By Karen Fitzsimons

    FACE Moisturisers

    50mls £20

    Light, spreadable and absorbent. Keeping your skin soft and pliable. It applies a fine veil of moisturization daily to condition your skin barrier.

    Every Day Moisturiser No.1

    Every Night Moisturiser No.2

    Hydration Boost Moisturiser No.3

    Melty, Cleansing, Waterless Cleansing Balm

    50mls £20

    Cleansing Balm No.4

    Hand whipped waterless balm.

    A blend of organic butters and nutritious oils. Keeping skin moisturised and silky smooth after melting away the debris of the day.

    Rescue Balms Waterless

    Organic Rosehip Balm £16

    Calendula and Chamomile £14

    These little herbal power pots are characterised by their healing properties. They are an intense GOTO for skin irritations, burns, chapped skin, red, and dry skin. They feed and soften the skin with organic Shea and Cocoa butters. The herb penetrates the irritation and calms it.

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    My Commitment

    Your skin and well-being are at the centre of everything I make. Berry and Blossom Skincare never compromise on quality and ingredients. Using Organic as much as possible. Our policy is to care for your skin with integrity and honesty.

    Giving back by donating to Shared Threads. Every girl deserves sustainable period protection.

    My Integrity

    My key Organic ingredients are responsibly sourced Organic, and Soil Association approved if available, ie Fair Trade and Farmed ecologically without stripping the earth of its natural resources. We are passionate about reducing waste and plastics. Berry & Blossom don’t use unnecessary packaging. Just enough to keep your skincare safe and is recyclable. Berry & Blossom always work with suppliers of ingredients who share our core values.

    I would like to Thank and Credit my model Karen (@karen_fitzsimons) for her wonderful images. Karen is a local girl of Saul and an avid user of my skincare. They were taken by herself for this website . Thank you Kaka. xx

    Providing you with conscious, sustainable, plant derived skincare.

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