Every Autumn my ritual is to make candles for the dark seasons. When daylight diminishes early and the temperature falls as the evening progresses. There is magic in the flame of a candle, and the cosiness of scents reminiscent of a winter walk through the woods, or crackling firesides that evoke the feeling of warmth.

I pour my soy wax candle into small open top jars with a black lid. The wide open neck encourages good burning and scent throw to the end. Both glass and lid are recyclable. Made in small batches and limited numbers.

Phthalates free Fragrance Oil, Candles in Soy Wax

Create Cosiness with a fireside chair, a plush blanket, warm slippers, a hot toddy, and a candle.

Blue Bell

A scent of late Spring that welcomes us into Summer with its highly floral scent from the forest floor. This is a blousy fragrance, strong and uplifting. It invites the vision of a carpet of Bluebells as it wafts through the forest undergrowth.


Candles are approximately 180 grams of natural soy wax. They burn for approximately 30 hours.

Follow the Burning and Safety Instructions on the label on the bottom of the glass.


Follow the Burning and Safety Instructions ( inside the jar. ) for best burning Results and safety.

Candles are approximately 110 grams of natural soy wax. They burn for approximately 20 hours. Perfect for a normal sized room. Burn candle for 3 hours each burn. Trim wick to 3mm before lighting each time. If wick blooms just snip off.

Burn candle away from the chimney breasts or heat source as this can effect the drift of the scent,

Put it in a cooler place away from drafts.

If you have a allergic reaction do remove candle.

Relax / Meditate /Spa

Natural Essential Oil Candles

£12 100mls Burns for approximately 20 hours

Rosemary & Mint (Jar)

Fresh and herbal. ideal for the morning office, or to accompany you during the day. Rosemary is great for the mind and helps thought. Mint is invigorating and cool. Made with hand poured Coconut and Rapeseed wax

Simply Lavender (Jar)

Fresh intoxicating Lavender to relax and lull you towards sleep. Made with hand poured Coconut and Rapeseed wax

Geranium and Rosewood (Tin)

Geranium to balance and Rosewood calms. Floral accents.

Lavender, Petitgrain and Ylang Ylang (Jar)

These three oils, help to de-stress, relax and boost moods. Floral and uplifting. Made with hand poured Coconut and Rapeseed wax.

Wild Orange (Tin)

The morning scent, a light fresh aroma to enhance the mood.

  • Weight 100mls
    • Burn time 18-20 hours
      • Follow instruction on the bottom label to get the best from your candle.
      • Follow instructions for Safety.
      • Packaging recyclable Aluminium tin.

Peony & Oud

A stunning rich, warm fragrance with Rose and Peony heart notes. Underlying Oud with it’s woody, amber, clove and sweetness. Together make this scent perfect for a calm, relaxing evening, after the buzz of the festive season.


Winter scented with Essential oils

Sweet Orange, Pine, Cedarwood, and Juniper. Woody, in a tin.

£12.00 100mls

Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon and Juniper . (Tin)


A perfect scent for the Winter season. Uplifting, fresh and brings the scent of a woodland walk home to you. A fusion of Fir and Pine with the sweetness of winter berries and Mistletoe.

The perfect place is a corner which welcomes with cosiness and comfort

Travel size candles


A classic Autumn mix of Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and balanced with sweet Vanilla. A homely welcome for the family and a cosy gathering.