Creating moisturisers for those who want products full of skin benefits with natural botanical origins. In a confusing world, especially around skincare, we want to keep it simple, fresh, effective and part of wellness and self care. So many things can influence the health of skin and how we feel, hormones, medicines, diet, environment, pollution, to sleeping habits, and much more. Some we can control, others we cant, skincare we can…….

Harnessing the power of plants into skincare, making it as close to plant’s rawness and essence as possible.

Shared Threads Charity.

I support Shared Threads in Belfast and sister groups over Northern Ireland.  It is a charity which “Provides sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions, to women who have no alternative” .  Berry and Blossom are donating 50p from every sale of their creams.

Crafted in County Down, Ireland, I deliver nourishment in a mindful way.