To Start the Day
Rinse your face in warm water and dry with a soft natural cloth.
Use your measure of EveryDay moisturiser and let it sink in.
Ready for makeup.

To End the Day
For a gentle oil to oil cleanse, take a pea size measure of Cleansing balm,
and warm it in your hands. Softly massage into your spent makeup and mascara, to melt away the daily pollution.  
With a warm damp muslin or cotton cloth/flannel, wipe away and rinse. Your face will feel clean and soft.
Apply your measure of Everynight moisturiser, or if you skin feels dryer than usual, a two drops of Nocturnal Serum for extra boost.

Once a week 
I recommend an natural exfoliation to deep cleanse away the skin debris. You can use a tespoon of cleansing balm and add some fine sugar granuls, and in a rotation motion gently exfoliate, and splash in warm water, and wipe away with a warm cloth..