Day Off Kit

Pamper your skin with Organic butters and oils.

30mls Indulgent Butter for Hair to toes

10mls Nocturnal Boost for your complexion

A floral perfumed Oriental Angel soy burner melt, for your senses.

An organic lotion bar for your body.


Daily Moisturising Kit £33

30mls (full size) Hydration Boost

27mls Every Day Moisturizer

27mls Every Day Moisturizer


Evening Pamper Kit £33

A rich Every Night moisturiser 50mls.

A natural Soy wax candle to lull you with a relaxing scent from essential oils . 100mls which burns for 18 hours.

An organic Soil Association Approved Cocoa butter and Shea butter Body lotion bar. Just gently melt it on your dry skin, and let it absorb and soften your skin overnight, scented with essential oils to benefit your skin and soul.

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