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Wholesome beauty products for fresh face you.

Berry and Blossom Skincare was created out of a need for a moisturiser to treat my dry, irritated, sensitive skin. I needed a moisturiser that left my skin soft, smooth, pliable and nourished but without the ingredients which caused irritation . I carefully curated plant extracts rich in bio-actives and plant oils that are pure and unadulterated complete with skin benefits. Thus providing my skin with balance, strength and natural conditioning. Each product is hand formulated in small quantities for quality and sustainability. ……Ann Marie

I  have always suffered from sensitive skin. Working in a stuffy, dry, airless computer lab did not help. The static from the computers and barred up windows made the dry air parch my skin. I tried cheap and expensive moisturisers, bought over the counter, and some ingredient made my eyes bloat and my cheeks smart.

I was naturally curious about plant oils and after bringing a soap making book from London ,  I began to explore the prospects of using these precious plant oils in my crafting of soaps and skincare. After learning about the most beneficial oils for daily skin care, I formulated my Beauty Basics skincare products. With the help and guidance of Cosmetic Scientists in INVEST NI and London, I now make what I feel is of value and quality to my skin, and yours.

I have been making skincare for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin, for many years now. After a career in teaching, rearing two children into adulthood, and caring for an elderly Mum, I decided it was time to make my creams available to others in the same situation I was, with my skin. It has become my passion to create a range of skincare that deeply nourishes all skins in an honest and transparent way.

Berry and Blossom provides handmade quality, natural and organic skin benefiting produce as an alternative to mass produced skincare. We make our skin care in small batches to ensure freshness in ingredients, and quality in production.  Each batch made with care and professionalism.

 Our Creamery is located in Saul (Irish for Barn, the place where St.  Patrick had his first meeting) on the slopes of Saul Mountain near Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland.  We are surrounded by drumlin hills dotted with sacred spring wells, ancient sites, ruins and tiny stone churches. Strangford Lough straddles the coast. 

Thank you for visiting our Website.

Anne Marie

Shared Threads Charity. I support Shared Threads in Belfast and sister groups over Northern Ireland.  It is a charity which “Provides sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions, to women who have no alternative” .  Berry and Blossom are donating 50p from every sale of their creams.