Night time Moisturiser (No.2)

Night Time Moisturiser

50mls £20.00

A richer cream that deeply nourishes and rejuvenates your skin while you rest. Filled with vitamins and essential fatty acids from organic and cold pressed plant oils. Oils, that will leave your skin feeling replenished in the morning. Studies show that sleep is the most important time for cell reparation. A nightly skincare routine with an overnight treatment can help restore and repair your skin barrier from daily damage.

Botanical Organic active ingredients. Bare Face essentials last thing at night. Perfect for Dry, Combination, Mature and Sensitive skin.

“I Love mine “, Ruth. Textile Artist

  • Wild Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil -Supportive aging, replenishing, provide a rich spectrum of essential fatty acids.
  • Organic Avocado Oil -Rich healing and regenerative
  • Austrian mountain Pumpkin Seed oil-Anti oxidant, balances skin oils, improves skin tone and cools blemishes.
  • Baobab Oil – Regenerates and rejuvenates with high amounts in Vitamins A and F
  • Evening Primrose Oil– encourages healthy skin cell renewal
  • Vitamin E – Natural antioxidant and helps strengthen the skin barrier.
    • Agua (water)
    • Light Coconut oil (Caprylic capric triglyceride)
    • Vitis vinera (Grapeseed seed oil)
    Berry and Blossom Actives
    • Organic Avocado oil Cold pressed
    • Organic Sea Buckthorn Cold pressed
    • Evening Primrose oil Cold pressed
    • Organic Pumpkin seed oi Coldpressedl
    • Baobab oil Cold pressed
    • Vitamin E
    • Geranium Bourbon flower extract (Pelargonium Roseum)
    Natural plant derived emulsifiers and stablisers
    • Glyceryl stearate (derived from coconut)
    • Glyceryl stearate S/E (derived from coconut)
    • Peg100 stearate plant derived
    • Vegetable Glycerine (vegetable derived)
    • Cetyl alcohol (coconut derived)
    • Stearic acid ( Stearic acid is a naturally occurring fat that occurs in our own skin naturally, this is plant derived)
    • Preservative, needed to keep you safe, and cream safe from contamination
    • Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin1 <1%
    • Natural occurring Allergens- Linalool
    Use a pea size amount on your finger tips and spread lightly over your clean, fresh face , every bedtime.
    This product has been carefully formulated for use on all skin types. You can do a skin patch test to ensure it works for you. If irritation occurs, discontinue. It contains nut oils so please consult your doctor before hand if you have an nut allergy.
    Use as directed. Store in a cool place. Avoid eye area, if this occurs and there is a reaction, please rinse thoroughly with warm water, and dry gently.